30th Place for the Drops and Droplets Photo Challenge at Dpreview

I really love shooting dews or droplets, its very natural and astonishing! That’s when I saw this photo challenge at dpreview with the theme “Drops and Droplets“. Good thing I have shoot some dews recently, find my best shot and make it an entry to this photo challenge.

Next thing I knew, my entry “Dews Family” was at 30th place out of 96 entries. Not bad at all 😀


I got 4th Place at dpreview!

Yahoooooohh!!!! I’m ranting and raving tonight as I nailed the 4th place out of 80 entries submitted by photographers from around the world at DPReview Photo Challenge – “Get A Room You Two!“.
tire hoppers

Now I know what Shamcey Supsup feels after she’s crowned 4th place in the recent 2011 Miss Universe pageant haha! It feels soooooohhhh gooooood!!!!

The grin on my face has almost reached my ears as I’m reading the notification email from dpreview about the photo challenge results. I’ve actually joined more than a dozen photo challenge from them in the past, and this is the closest ranking I got from the top. Its unprecedented!!!

Thanks to all who voted for my entry “Tire Hoppers”! 😀 My digital hormones comes alive! lol

You can view all other entries HERE!

8th place out of 100 entries at dpreview

my best macro so far

Time to rant and rave again! As me and my co-PnSers JAckie made it to the Top Ten to one of the many photo challenges at the world-renowned Digital Photography Review!(dpreview.com) I’ve grabbed the 8th position, while JAckie got the 5th place. You can check the challenge results HERE!!!

dpreview facts:

www.dpreview.com is one of the top 2,000 most visited websites on the Internet, according to Alexa. The website itself claims that “These days the site is one of, if not the, premium digital photography site with an audience of seven million unique visitors a month reading over one hundred million pages”Source: Wikipedia

The challenge – Compact Power: Insect Close-up/Macro

Good thing I had this macro shot of a behave grasshopper just recently, which I took at Lamesa Dam Eco-Park. It was my best macro so far, and my first also to shoot a grashopper. I was kinda uber hesitant at first to join because I knew the competition will be kinda tough. Imagine photographers from all over the world will be my co-competitors! But its finally over and I’m so grateful that my entry has grabbed the 8th position out of 100 entries! Yipeee! I guess I’ll be aiming for the first place next time. Wish ko langggg hehe!!