Geri Barcelona Fotografix S9 2012

Its been almost a month since my last post and I’ve been quite busy with drift trikin lately, good thing I can do both (shoot and drift) during my free time! That’s why my camera was always on my top-of-the-list to bring whenever we have some drifting session. So here are some of my captures this past few weeks. Indulge!

This is the cover photo for my facebook page – Pinoy Drift Trikes. I’m on the back of a pick up truck when I made this shot. Its most likely a panning shot as you can see sharpness of the riders and the blurriness of other elements.



Another example of panning shot. This time I made the background more blurry with the help of Photoscape. 😀

pinoy drift trike panning shot


This is one of my favorite masterpiece,  done with HDR effect. The original photo looks so dull that I was surprise too when I’ve finished enhancing it with HDR and adding some text and of course the lightning, the photo suddenly becomes lively and colorful. BTW I made this ads like image as promotion for our (Pinoy Drift Trikes) TV appearance in Matanglawin this coming Sunday, October 14 at 9:30 AM on Channel 2. Watch out for it! 😀

Pinoy Drift Trikes teaser for Matanglawin


A self-portrait of Tricia – my TV famous drift trike! 😀

Tricia - my drift trike


HDR again, this time with an abandoned house. Scary stuff hehe. I actually posted earlier a black and white  HDR version of it.

house on the prairie


I miss doing macro shots, that’s why I’ve practiced with this dew’s on the leaves. It looks refreshing isn’t it?

leaves and dews


Ok another scary photo. Don’t look long or you might see something inside! lol



and lastly, another try on the dew’s. This time on the grass!

dews n grass


okay that’s it! hope you enjoyed my set! until next time! ciao 😀

raredog funny photos

raredog funny photos
V-Power (Vacuum Power)

I dunno what came up to my mind when I saw this arrow sign on a gas station somewhere in Telabastagan City, San Fernando, Pampanga. It just popped haha!

raredog funny photos
Pee-saway in Meeh!

I saw this sign on a tree and the rest is peestory! (don’t worry, I only acted as if I was peeing hee hee)

raredog funny photos
Photographer in Me

Apparently the owner of the sign were nowhere to be found, that I got the time to posed as if I was asking anyone for a photo shot for a measly five bucks hehe! (Good thing no one approach me haha!)