Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party

This was my first time to attend such gathering. I’ve been blogging for about two years now (to be exact this coming May 1 yipee!) and yet I dugg lots of tips and information from this kind  of event for bloggers. (More! More!!!) Newbies in the blogosphere would surely gain from it. (like Kevin, my partner the whole day )

Guest speakers tackled most of the important factors in making a good blog. (podcasting, video blogging, photo blog, moblog, pro blogging, copyright, etc..) The interaction With speakers welcoming questions from the bloggers are superb. Kudos to Janette Toral, organizers and all the speakers of Iblog4.

I was able to meet my online friend Miii personally and make new aquaintance like my seatmates (both in Iblog and 88DD party) Maricris and Deyeypee. The 88DB party at Katips was great! Nice games, raffle prizes and freebies. Too bad I wasn’t even called as a runner-up on the “come as your blog contest” If only they would look at my site header image, they would see that I am wearing the exact clothing that night. I shouted and clap for batangyagit but chickenmafia was the darling of the crowd. Anyway I just gulped all the beer infront of me and headed home before the clock strikes 12 hahaha!

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Let’s Get Ready To Parteeh!

Take a peek at what this two bloggers (kuno) are talking 😯

geri: napadalhan ka ba nito?
geri: The Blog Parteeh! 2007 is the largest Philippine Blogger Meet-up ever and you don’t wanna miss out on this one:
What: Blog Parteeh! 2007
When: January 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: 6th Floor (Poolside Area)
Classica Tower 2 Condominium
HV dela Costa St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City 1200
geri: Its a party for bloggers by bloggers.
benjarriola: yes
benjarriola: pero hindi naman ako makakapunta at nasa U.S. ako
geri: ano sa tingin mo? ok kya ako pumunta dun?
geri: am i consider a blogger?
geri: ;;)
benjarriola: yes punta ka dun
benjarriola: the more you get to know everyone, the better you can get links from others
benjarriola: and learn how others monetize their sites
geri: parang hirap intindihin yung rules eh
benjarriola: hindi
benjarriola: i suggest try getting to know
benjarriola: abe
benjarriola: marc macalua
geri: ialok ko sa kanila web hosting mo noh
benjarriola: gail dela cruz
benjarriola: migz paraz
benjarriola: hindi na, madami dyan may kanya kanyang servers
benjarriola: si Abe owns ploghost.com
benjarriola: si mike lopez owns sydel.net
geri: abe of mcp ba yan?
benjarriola: yes
geri: ah ok
benjarriola: si randy owns kabarkada.net
geri: cge try ko
benjarriola: and everyone there will have their own favorite people to work with
geri: teach me kung ano ipo-post ko sa site ko
benjarriola: attend ka
benjarriola: and just try to get to know evryone
benjarriola: and ask them papano sila nagmomonetize ng website
benjarriola: san maganda kumita
geri: bago mabigyan ng ticket, kailangan i-blog mo yung event eh
benjarriola: then blog about it
benjarriola: say…
benjarriola: i want to learn more from these people
geri: shy type ako noh
benjarriola: sabihin mo sa post mo yun
benjarriola: Shy type ako, but hopefully, may kumausap sa akin
geri: bwahaha
benjarriola: i am still new to the blogging thing
geri: post ko na lang itong usapan natin, para mas cool
benjarriola: and hopefully i learn more form the veterans on how to earn more with my blog
benjarriola: LOL
geri: =))
geri: o di ba?
benjarriola: Basta parang ganun
benjarriola: bahala ka na
benjarriola: just get to know everyone
benjarriola: the more people you know
geri: pede ba i post ko ito?
benjarriola: the better
benjarriola: wag naman..
benjarriola: pwede mong sabihin…
geri: ikaw pala shy eh 😀
benjarriola: advice ni Benj…
benjarriola: ganito ganito…
benjarriola: pero wag naman dictate ko lahat
geri: eh di iibahin ko nick mo
benjarriola: post mo
benjarriola: hindi na,
benjarriola: sabihin mo lang advice ko pumunta ka
benjarriola: ito na lang sabihin mo…
geri: advice by my mentor – no name
geri: nameless
benjarriola: Tips Benj said why I should attend….
benjarriola: 1. Get to know more bloggers. Networking with bloggers helps me get to know more people and possibly crosslink with them and have cross-promotions.
geri: they will search for the coolest blog about the event nga eh, me price, i think this would be the coolest
benjarriola: 2. Learn from others. Many of the bloggers do it for fun. But many also blog and earn money. I want to learn how others do it so well.
benjarriola: 3. Baka may hot chicks daw sabi ni Benj. LOL Joke lang daw.
benjarriola: Pwede na yun
benjarriola: Tapos post mo na kung ano masasabi mo.
geri: takot lang ng hot chicks dun, kse baka mablog-ag siya 😛
geri: ayos na ito 😛
benjarriola: tapos ito tip ko
geri: mahaba na
benjarriola: Ito baka balak mo din ipagkalat sa mundo http://forums.seo.ph/showthread.php?t=39
geri: so this would be it na ha, i-edit ko na lang nick natin
benjarriola: ok lang sabihin mo nick ko
benjarriola: kilala naman nila ako
benjarriola: well some of them
geri: sabay bawi eh noh…bwahaha
geri: eto na lang – http://www.mylot.com/?ref=raredog
geri: ok! bahala na

They’re talking about the Coolest Parteeh in Town!!! IT’S THE BlogParteeh!

The Blog Parteeh! 2007
The Blog Parteeh! 2007 is the largest Philippine Blogger Meet-up ever and you don’t wanna miss out on this one:What: Blog Parteeh! 2007
When: January 27, 2007 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
6th Floor (Poolside Area)
Classica Tower 2 Condominium
HV dela Costa St., Salcedo Village,
Makati City 1200

See map here. Landmarks: Ground floor of the building has Allied Bank and Bravo Restaurant.

Who: All Philippine-based and active bloggers.

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