Pinoy Drift Trikes

Calling all pinoy adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts! Baka magustuhan nyo ito, mga downhill mountain bikers and specially bmx’ers and ex-bmx’ers like me. Asan na kayo mga riders ng Bicrosser, Jammin Jay, PM Berries, Schwinn, Night Riders, Black Riders, Fox Riders, atbp pang mga nakasabayan ko sa pagka extreme nung mga nakalipas na dekada. Nasa inyo pa ba mga bmx bikes nyo hehe. Pede natin itong i-convert into a drift trikes! Alam ko na kahit me edad na tayo, the radness and madness still remain with us di ba? Kaya let’s bring back those gnarly days!


So basically what is “drift trikes” – the design actually come from it’s predecessor – the Big Wheel, a very popular toy in the 1970s in the United States, partly because of its low cost and partly because consumer groups said it was a safer alternative to the traditional tricycle or bicycle. Source: Wikipedia


I’m promoting “drift trikes” in the Philippines. Its been quite a hit already on many parts of the world like USA, Spain, Brazil, Thailand, New Zealand, Portugal and Italy to name a few. So far hindi pa patok sa atin ang ganitong uri ng extreme sports. Just imagine its less expensive  to build one drift trike. Would be riders only needs even just an old bike to start this hobby. Konting lagare at welding lang, lagay ng step nut sa front tire, customized a PVC rear tire, place a seat, and that’s it! You got yourself a drift bike!


I’ve done some research on youtube videos for the benefit of introducing this awesome sports to the pinoy extremist crowd. Please watch it.


Cguro ito munang video na ito, kase me pagka-documentary ito on how the drift trike starts.

Drift Trikes – Student Documentary Film


Sa mga advance stunts, they even made a small ramp to get some air haha


at sa mega super insanity trick, siempre hindi pedeng mawala sa kahit anong extreme motor sports, the backflip


Normal sa drift trikes ang rear tires made out of PVC, but in this video, the drift trike owner uses just bearings


here are more videos you can watch

The fun and brotherhood is there, the riders were all happy with what they’re doing! There’s danger too no doubt about it, so always be prepared before drifting! Tara na! Drift na! 😀

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