PnSers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary

Well what do you know, its Pnsers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary!!! A group I’ve founded and presided 3 years ago and still clinging haha! We have our ups and downs but nevertheless we still strive albeit lately some of the members have been on AWOL haha!

So what we did, as I’ve posted on my facebook status “Gathering of Indians. We cook, we eat, we shoot people, we leave the place and we drink somewhere else then sleep haha!!!” By the way we celebrated the event last November 24 at Eco-Park, Lamesa Dam, Fairview Quezon City

My idea of having a free photo booth went well, everybody enjoyed the Indian props and other stuffs, though it would have been much better if we have a print labels or a printer with us to print the photos, ahhhh next time maybe.

We are blessed that day for a wonderful weather and we literally have a feast as lots of food and drinks we’re brought in by each one of us. My favorite was the grilled tilapia and the pork chop hehe.

I’d also announced during the event that I would step down as president of the club to give way for a new and fresh leadership.

Looking forward for more anniversary to come!

Check more of the photos at or at our Facebook account 😀


PnSers Reloaded (Wawa Revisited)


wawa pnsers 2013

History repeats itself as PnSers Camera Club once again steps on the soil of Rodriguez, Rizal to pose on the same landmark that we’ve stand more than two years ago or last October 16, 2010 to be exact.  I and 4 other Wawa veterans take a stroll down memory lane as we reminisced the first time we’ve been there. While the 8 other Indians (first timers in Wawa Dam) was astonished to view the great landscape and scenery’s the place has to offer. White rocks of different shapes and sizes,  falls coming from a cave, gushing water stream, caves and tunnels, and the awesome cottages standing on the rocks and on the water  made by the natives of Wawa.

Wawa Dam is really a haven for nature photography, or simply if one has to embrace Mother Nature.

HDR images from Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls HDR

Mini Falls HDR

HDR Bridge at Daranak

Making and composing High Dynamic Range (HDR) images is sinking into my photography habit nowadays hehe. I’ve made 3 when our group PnSers Camera Club (PCC) have an Outing-Photowalk at Daranak Falls last April 9, 2011. Try it, its fun! 😀

By the way, these HDR output is from my S1800 Fuji Finepix and by Photomatix.