PnSers Camera Club at Pan De Amerikana

And now Chapter 2…

PnSers Camera Club (PCC) leave Lualhati ng Maynila pass 10am and head straight to PDA or Pan De Amerikana. Its also within the vicinity of Marikina City so it just takes a few minutes to get there.

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana
panorama inside Pan De Amerikana

Almost 99%  of us are first-timers to the place. I myself had been scouring quite a number of great stories and photos on the internet about this cool place for the past weeks, and now we are here, yipee!

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana
new members signing-up

The place is awesome! Its like its built with photography in mind. There are vast numbers of photo subjects and sceneries to choose. From antique figurines, mirrors, lighting fixtures, clocks, carvings, giant chess board, calesa, and many more. Would you believe they even have a hanging bridge on top haha! Although you don’t have to worry even if you got the cheapest health insurance because its not that high, its just a one-story free fall lol.

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana
Indians during lunch break

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana
giant chess

Its the most photographer-friendly place I’ve been. You could freely roam around the place and shoot just about anything without the hassle of being warn by a guard haha! Even their toilets has something to offer. Do check out the marvelous mirror below!

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana
mirror at the toilet 😀

By the way, their food was delicious and not that expensive too! Have I told you they got Free WIFI also haha!!! I really would like to go back there again! 😀

Pnsers camera club at Pan de amerikana

group shot 😀

PnSers Camera Club at Lualhati ng Maynila

Pnsers Camera Club

December 19 of 2010 was a BIG DAY for the Indians! Why Indians? Coz we at PnSers Camera Club like to call ourselves Indians because we also treat our cameras as our bows. 😀

We almost ran out of time as we hold 3 major events in 1 day. (Charity Walk, Photowalk and Christmas party) So to make this post short I divide it into 3 chapters, this would be be the first.

Our first event – Charity Walk at the Lualhati ng Maynila (Home for the Aged).

Most of us weren’t that much excited about the whole thing that we haven’t got enough sleep, just like me, whose already awake at 3am haha!

Coming from different locations in Metro Manila, as well as Cavite, we all met (10 of us) at the Marikina Sports Center at around 8:00 in the morning, tagging along our donations, while the others bought some more at the nearby Marikina Market.

We arrived at Lualhati ng Maynila by 9am, and Mam Leonila Borja, the assigned social worker greet and briefed us on the do’s and dont’s before we proceed to their large gazebo for a mini-program.

Quite a number of elderly are now seated while waiting for us to arrive. Mam Leonila introduce as to them and asked us if we have prepared some entertainment for our elders. Oops, sorry we got none, instead I was asked to gave a short speech for that morning hehe. So that’s the time I introduced the group and greet everyone a Merry Christmas.

To our surprised, the elders are the one that entertained us that morning. A chorus, and a number of singers show their talents that day. They gave justice to the saying “oldies but goodies” while some of them are more of a “oldies but groovies” , bcoz I’ve seen one wearing a cool sunglass and another on a hip-hop tees and shorts, kewl!

During our time slot, we were then joined by a much larger group of the Red Cross Youth from FEU who were there that day to bring donations and entertained the elders as well.

We distribute to the elders our donations made of (cookies, hopia, laundry soap, diapers, toiletries, pail, etc..), while the other group serves them snacks. The atmosphere instantly became an unplanned Christmas party for the oldies that made them really happy! Its so heartwarming seeing everyone wearing a smile that day. I even went teary eyed while capturing the moment with my new camera – Fujifilm Finepix S1800.

Yup I got a new cam hehe! I’ll try to do a review of it next time 😀

Happy New Year to all the people on Earth!!!! May the year 2011 brings peace and happiness to each and everyone! 😀

Experience our Camera-Derie

PnSers Camera Club

From now on, you would be seeing lots of post here on my blog regarding my new found group – PnSers Camera Club (PCC). This is what keeping me busy nowadays. Its actually a newly form club exclusively for users of point and shoot cameras (any brand of compact cameras or those with fixed lens) only.

The club started just a month ago with less than 10 members and its fast growing as of this date. 😀

Treat this post as an invitation to join our club. So if you got yourself a point and shoot camera and wants to mingle with other fellow enthusiasts, please dropby to our site at and see our beautiful and awesome shots from our members, learn tips and tutorials, join photowalks / photo challenges, and the best of all – experience our camera-derie. 😀

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