Carwashing by an Ischemic Stroke Guy

I actually did car washing a lot of times already after my stroke attack last March 2019 as you can see on my picture below, Karyas (my Daihatsu Charade) was still black hehe.

But only this time (September 2020) I tried to involve my affected left arm (semi paralyzed) to do some scrubbing on the hood of my car and it was really amazing because it can actually do the job although its kinda slow . Thank you Lord!!!

The Life of a Stroke Warrior

I almost forgot, blogger nga pala ako, bakit ba hindi ko bina-blog yung pagkaka-stroke ko hehe. Incidentally as of this writing eh I’m on my 4th month and 3 days na simula ng mai-stroke.

I'M A STROKE WARRIOR!!! #thelordismybackup

Posted by Raredog Barcelona on Saturday, 4 May 2019

With this blog, I will recall everything since day one. Everything as in mga naramdaman ko, mga changes sa katawan ko, pananampalataya ko, pagkain ko, gamot ko, call of nature atbp.

The night before Day One, naramdaman ko ng mejo matigas batok ko, at mabigat ulo ko. date is March 27. Itong month na ito mejo madami events nasunod-sunod birthdays namin mag asawa, kapit bahay, tropa etc… The usual na laklak, pulutan na masebo, puyat plus stress pa sa work! Naubusan din ako ng Amlodiphine 5mg (maintenance ko for 3 o 4 years na)ko that time kaya natigil ako mag take ng mga more than a week cguro. So ayun nga sumakit batok at ulo ko ng gabi na yun, since wala ako gamot, nag herbal muna ako, uminom ako ng isang pirasong bawang at tinulog ko na lang.

Kinaumagahan, ayun back to normal pakiramdam ko, wala ng sakit ng ulo at batok. Nag breakfast, shower at ready ng pumasok sa work.

Nung nasa work na ako, yun ang Day One ko, to be continued…

PnSers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary

Well what do you know, its Pnsers Camera Club 3rd Anniversary!!! A group I’ve founded and presided 3 years ago and still clinging haha! We have our ups and downs but nevertheless we still strive albeit lately some of the members have been on AWOL haha!

So what we did, as I’ve posted on my facebook status “Gathering of Indians. We cook, we eat, we shoot people, we leave the place and we drink somewhere else then sleep haha!!!” By the way we celebrated the event last November 24 at Eco-Park, Lamesa Dam, Fairview Quezon City

My idea of having a free photo booth went well, everybody enjoyed the Indian props and other stuffs, though it would have been much better if we have a print labels or a printer with us to print the photos, ahhhh next time maybe.

We are blessed that day for a wonderful weather and we literally have a feast as lots of food and drinks we’re brought in by each one of us. My favorite was the grilled tilapia and the pork chop hehe.

I’d also announced during the event that I would step down as president of the club to give way for a new and fresh leadership.

Looking forward for more anniversary to come!

Check more of the photos at or at our Facebook account 😀