Araneid King

I have made a video of Sean Kirk’s latest toy before he wrecks it. It’s a gift from his Lola Nora. Today’s toys are quite imaginative and futuristic. Kudos to all toy makers who continue to make interesting and enjoyable toys for kids. Albeit a lot of times even grown-ups are playing with toys too, like me hehe. Toys for the Big Boys ika nga!

On the video you can see this kind of weird vehicle called the Araneid King. It’s an incredible go-anywhere remote controlled rover. It looks a bit like “wall-e” that’s somehow made Sean Kirk more excited! Actually, he’s a great fan of Pixar movies.

I told him to name the toy to something unique like Crawlbot or Leptovox or Fliptobot. He told me “wall-e” would be fine. I said ok, and told him to take care of it. At least even for a month hehe. 😀