Real estate banners draw attention to your property

Most of us are used to seeing a “for sale” sign nailed to a stake and pounded into the lawn in front of a home or business that is being sold. These are ok I guess but they are definitely out dated by today’s standards and are usually a bit on the plain side. Most of them simply have a two tone design with the real estate company’s logo along with a phone number and the real estate agent’s name. They are somewhat effective at getting people’s attention but now with all of the advances in printing technology, prices have dropped enough that most people can afford a better solution. One such solution is the use of real estate banners. These large vinyl banners can be designed with multiple colors and photo backgrounds and still leave enough room for your company information in large print.

If you are an apartment owner or manager, large real estate banners placed on every corner around your building will get the attention of anyone who happens to be passing by. In fact, if you don’t have a banner in front of your building, you are probably one of the last to board the banner train. Every apartment I have ever rented was the result of the banner which displayed the apartment’s amenities along with the prices and the fact that a vacancy was currently available.

Whether it’s a house, condo, apartment or commercial property, you will always want to include all of the important features of the property. Using large real estate banners allows you the room to advertise all of these things and more. Listing more information can save you and your customers a lot of time. For example; if a buyer or renter is looking for a place with a pool and this information is listed on your banner, the chances of you and the client connecting and closing a deal are increased. Conversely, if this same fictitious client does not have access to this simple info at a glance, then everyone involved wastes their time. The client wastes his time stopping by or making phone calls and the agent wastes his or her time describing or showing a property that is unsuitable for the client. Another advantage the banner has over the sign post is the ability to have a detailed image or multi colored design on the front. A fancy design along with the increased size a banner offers will attract many more people to your property. Also, wooden signs fade easily from ultra violet rays, moisture and temperature changes.Vinyl banners can be used over and over again without having to be repainted. They are resistant to heat, cold, moisture and UV rays so they will last many years. If you have a variety of properties for sale or rent, try putting a banner in front of one of them and you will certainly see the difference a banner makes as opposed to your old wooden signage.