Send-off and Welcome program today at DepEd Rizal

selfie with sir Charlie and sir Rommel


Its not everyday that anybody got the chance to brush elbows or made SELFIE to such dignified and respectful leaders. I can’t believe it either as two great leaders of DepEd are on the spotlight at today’s event at our office in the Division of Rizal. It’s actually a sendoff and a welcome program of two great men. The atmosphere during the program was a mix of sadness and happiness. Sad because they’ll both be missed by their followers, but otherwise happy for they will be coming back to their native land for their new assignment. 😀


I’m talking about my recent boss, Sir Carlito D. Rocafort, who will be transferred to the Division of Lipa in Batangas. He just recently became a full-pledge School Divisions Superintendent here in the Division of Rizal after leading the division for almost three years.


Next is welcoming my former boss Sir Rommel C. Bautista who was transferred from DepEd Batangas City and who is actually making a homecoming on his birthplace, he hails from Cardona, Rizal and is also on the rank of a full-pledge schools division superintendent.


Good luck and God Bless to both of you sir Rommel and Sir Charlie! Until our next selfie 😆

PnSers Reloaded (Wawa Revisited)


wawa pnsers 2013

History repeats itself as PnSers Camera Club once again steps on the soil of Rodriguez, Rizal to pose on the same landmark that we’ve stand more than two years ago or last October 16, 2010 to be exact.  I and 4 other Wawa veterans take a stroll down memory lane as we reminisced the first time we’ve been there. While the 8 other Indians (first timers in Wawa Dam) was astonished to view the great landscape and scenery’s the place has to offer. White rocks of different shapes and sizes,  falls coming from a cave, gushing water stream, caves and tunnels, and the awesome cottages standing on the rocks and on the water  made by the natives of Wawa.

Wawa Dam is really a haven for nature photography, or simply if one has to embrace Mother Nature.

The Tale of the Growing Thunderbird Resorts Tshirt

Bloggerfest 2011
The Tale of the Growing Thunderbird Resorts Tshirt

It started after my name was called during a raffle contest at BloggersFest 2011 held at the scenic and prestige Thunderbird Resorts in Angono, Rizal. Together with fellow bloggers and indians – Zenkz, ClutchPobrengpinoy. and Len (clutch ex-gf) hehe.  We all came to the said event from invites coming from Azrael – a fellow blogger and an event master.

Ok about the growing Thunderbird Resorts shirt. I know your curious now since you have reached this sentence haha! Ok, so I got a Thunderbird Resorts t-shirt from the said raffle and it literally grows bigger in size in just a few hours. Unbelievable isn’t it?!

Ok so your still here and anxious haha!

Here’s why. (tining – tininggggg)

I got the shirt before lunch time. I’ve checked the size and it’s MEDIUM. obviously not fit for my beer-belly me, whattaheck, its free! Then at by mid-afternoon, Pobrengpinoy also won the raffle. He won a t-shirt too, and it’s LARGE! Yup, you’re right! We did swapped our tshirts as his body built was for medium size. Were both happy coz I know now I can now wear the t-shirt, although not snugly fit.

Then the last morphing of the tshirt happened that night hehe. A lady blogger infront of was called down to get her prize. Yes, you got it again! She also won a Thunderbird Resorts t-shirt! As she went back to her seat, just infront of me, I can see her head in frustraton (wobbling left and right). I then hear her say ” The t-shirt is too big for me, huhuhu!

That’s my cue haha!

I courteuosly asked the lady if she would  like to swap her t-shirt with my t-shirt. And she said yes without hesitation, yipeee!  So  we exchanged tshirts. Now I know I can comfortably wear my tshirt hehe. So that’s the Tale of the Growing Tshirt. Hope you like it. The End.