Avant E-Bike Road Test by me (a stroke patient)

What a nice day to ride! Since I’ve stopped riding for more than a year since my stroke!

I asked my son Kevin if I could try his brand new E-bike, the Avant E-Bike distributed by Star 8 Green Technology Corp. Its the only ebike that is LTO Approved and can reached up to 65 kph but I won’t try to reach it this time, maybe some other time lol!

At first he was hesitant because I might crash it and eventually hurt myself, but I was stubborn that moment that I insist on giving it a try 😀

My verdict – It look like an ordinary scooter and its big for a 5’6″ guy like me, no sound at all, smooth throttle but the fork seems to be kinda soft but its hardly noticeable and the LED dash panel is cool and full of details (battery level most importantly)

It was a nice ride, hoping I could borrow it again and making my ride a little farther hehe!