Ang Saya Dito sa Coke Bloggers Party

coke overdose

I had a blast last night at the Buhay Coke Bloggers Party which took place at the Taste Asia Restaurant located at the SM Mall of Asia. The food was magnificent and blizzard of ice cold beer was overflowing. I have managed to shake hands with 2 famous bloggers for the first time. The first one is Jehzlau – (the one that’s been envied for his lofty earnings) – of and the other one which I think is the sexiest and prettiest she-devil that night – Hellga of

I even won two tickets at the SM Science Discovery Center for being a diablo wannabee (or look-alike lol) . And it doesn’t stop there, as Coke and SM Hypermart even gives everyone a case of Coke Zero to bring home. Thanks Coke for the party! You are very much welcome to place ads on my site! 😀

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