5K Kilometers

Miah at Kuhala Bay
Almost half a year now and covered almost 5K kilometers on my odometer. Amazingly, not a single sign of wear and tear from any parts of my Yamaha Mio Sporty, except of course its tires. By the way I’m still using the original IRC tires that came with it. Actually, the whole bike is still in stock condition. So far, no disappointment whatsoever with its performance. Very economical and the power is there when you need it. “Mejo nahihilig nga akong ihataw siya lately hehe, unlike before na tamang stroll lang ang speed.” Making a vow to maintain it religiously via change-oil and tune-ups will prevent future engine and bearings problem for sure. I simply love my Yamaha Mio Sporty!

GiVi Box E26N Micro

givi box E26NEver since I’ve placed a Givi Box (E26N MICRO) on my Yamaha Mio Sporty. Its always been the start of a good conversation with fellow riders who have seen it.  And I always entertained their queries with a smile.

Having problem with the small compartment under the seat of my Mio Sporty before a long ride, the Givi box was there to let me squeeze-in all my personal effects and everything, safe and sound. Why? Because its waterproof and has a lock.

And even on my daily ride to work. The box has an ample space for my bag, some office supplies, and a lunch box. Isn’t that great!

Not to mention on a typical market day, my partner filled the box with vegetables, eggs, spices and meat. Its so cool having a Givi Box on my Mio Sporty! I might never place back again the spoiler of my Mio.

Max Load

fat bikerHaving a motorcycle nowadays is more of a necessity rather than luxury. The main purpose of why we(me and my partner) acquired a Mio Sporty is for our daily convey to and fro our home and office. And the other trips are considered a bonus. Just imagine were shelling out P150 everyday if we commute via jeepney and tricycle going to our work, when it only cost us around P160 – P180 for a full tank that’s more than enough for the whole week on our Yamaha Mio sporty. Very economical isn’t it?

During the first hundreds, I’ve computed the Mio Sporty to consumed around 33-35 kms per liter. Now after reaching 500kms on the odometer, its now 39-40 per liter. If only we can include on our budget some weight loss product or sweat it out on some gym, maybe the ratio will still go up haha. We’re a little bit overweight right now. Good thing we still haven’t reach the maximum load capacity boink!

By the way the maximum load to a Yamaha Mio Sporty is 168kg (total weight of rider, passenger, cargo and accessories)