Hellaflush on Jeepney

Have you ever heard of the word “stance” and “hellaflush“? We’ll its related to cars and trucks with strange looking design on its tires. Both front and rear tires are leaning to the center of the vehicle. The young generation of car enthusiasts (specially in Japan where it all started)  find these looks awesome, but to some oldies these are just a waste of money since the performance of the car is greatly compromised.


Here is a short definition of Stance in the Urban Dictionary


To destroy a cars handling abilities by having it lowered an excessive amount. Typically, the tires are tucked way inside the vehicles fenders. But in order to have a hellaflush stance and run the required excessively wide wheels with tires that are stretched just to fit onto the wheels, the car has to have an excessive amount of negative camber. If you stand behind one of these cars don’t be surprised to see the rear tires looking like “/ \”. The rear tires are probably bald on the inside and the outside still looks brand new, and there’s probably only an inch of contact patch with the ground. A hellaflush stance car can’t even pull into a driveway without bottoming out and ripping the bumper off or cracking the

vehicles oil pan. Some stanced cars are so extreme that you can’t even turn the vehicles steering wheel fully in either direction without the tires rubbing.


But then again, its a worldwide trend, so I’m thinking what if our famous local jeepney which was branded the King of the Road because its literally everywhere, and with its colorful paint, numerous antennas, side mirrors, fog lamps, loud stereo using its ultrasound amps at Guitar Center will follow this trend?


One of these days car show fanatics both local and foreign would definitely freak-out to see a  one helluvah jeep or I should say “HELLAJEEP” haha! 😀