Bidyoko Prodaksyon latest videos as of 11.22.2020

Biglaang trip! Naisip ko lang doblehin yung sarili ko sa video, me onting sablay pero take note 2 take lang yan hahaha!
As the title says, First professional grooming session ni Taira baby ko hehe. Nakalbo kase yun lang daw style nung groomer dun sa pinuntahan naming petshop.
My daily workout para lumakas katawan ko!
This is actually my first attempt in riding a bike again after my stroke!
I cant really believe what I am watching that very moment hahaha! Its a threesome lol!
Answered prayer! Iking was born! This bike was donated by three of my kumpadres! Labyu all!!!
Some old video files I’ve found on my lappy. My famous group the Pinoy Drift TRIKES!
Exercising my affected left arm by trying to paint our wall.
Inspired upon seeing a fellow stroke patient jumping sa Facebook, ayun ginaya ko rin hehe
Testing again my riding skills. This time with a Yamaha NMAX
I really love flying drones and I miss my Cheerson CX20 very badly haha!

Bidyoko Prodaksyon latest videos

I got inspired by the song “Masaya Na Ko” by Henyong Makata because I can relate with the lyrics so much lol. Im actually planning to make the whole video pero pansamantala eto na lang muna chorus ang nakayanan hehe.
I got this idea a long time ago to make myself a twin, ayun biglaan nagawa ko din, and take note 2 takes lang yan hehe!
Taira’s first ever professional grooming session! Nginig to the max yung shih tzu namin kase nga now nya lang na experience hehe. Sobra na kase haba ng hair nya at madami ng nagkaka buhol-buhol kaya ayun. OK naman serbisyo! Nagmukha nga lang Chihuahua si Taira paguwi namin hehe.
Due to popular request ng mga nakakausap kong ibang stroke patient like me na gusto daw nila makita kung paano ako mag workout at the same time maka inspire din sa iba pa out there.

Catch and Throw Exercise for your grip | Stroke Patients

I have included this simple exercise to my daily routine. All you need is a rock. Why rock? Because it has a rough surface that my paralyzed hand can easily grip and its weight of around half kilo can strengthened my arm muscle too! Just be on the lookout when you fail to catch it bcoz it can easily injured your foot.