Carwashing by an Ischemic Stroke Guy

I actually did car washing a lot of times already after my stroke attack last March 2019 as you can see on my picture below, Karyas (my Daihatsu Charade) was still black hehe.

But only this time (September 2020) I tried to involve my affected left arm (semi paralyzed) to do some scrubbing on the hood of my car and it was really amazing because it can actually do the job although its kinda slow . Thank you Lord!!!

Testing the Relive App on my LG V10

I was amazed by my friend Relive video he shared on Facebook that’s why I couldn’t resist on downloading it on Google Playstore and installing it right away on my LG V10 Android phone to test it!

Here’s my video

I was a bit hesitant at first because I’ve read the app is made for bikers, runners, hikers, skiers, etc… and since I’m a stroke patient I can’t do any of those anymore except to drive my car Karyas hehe. But still I installed it and found out later that there’s an option to use it for driving also haha!

My verdict. Its an amazing and wonderful app! Two thumbs up! Wag lang madi-discover ng mga selosa at tamang hinalang mga misis, kundi lagot si mister, if you know what I mean haha! 🙂

My youtube videos flashback (stroke warrior)

I am making this post because my server failed and I didn’t have any backups from my latest post since August of last year wahhhh. So here goes a list of some of my significant videos I made regarding my stroke since August of 2019. Enjoy watching and please subscribe.

An overnight outing at the beach at The Park in Real, Quezon. Together with my family and some friends. They say I burrow myself in the sand and its kind of therapeutic lol.
Visited the famous Laguna Hot Spring in Calamba where we experienced the tingling doctor fish. I love dipping on the hot spring for many hours, it relaxes my muscles and somehow lowers my blood pressure.
After 5 months from having a stroke, I manage to have the guts again to try driving my car again and also the scooter of my son. My motorcycle has a clutch which I can’t squeeze with my left hand.
During the birthday of Sean Kirk, malapit kami sa arcade na merong mini tenpin bowling, na engganyo akong mag try maglaro, haging pa akong maka strike hehe, pero buti wala sa video yung pagkadulas ko kse madulas yung sapatos ko, mga 1 week ko din tiniis yung sakit ng pwet ko haha!
Abrupt idea while at our house sitting all day. Bakit nga ba hindi ko itry mag gym ng lumakas katawan ko hehe. I actually done this 2 days consecutive then nag stop na ako kse lugi ako sa fee hindi ko naman kse na utilize lahat ng equipment hahaha!
Another one of my driving videos, this time its kinda loco haha. Miss ko na kase gamitin helmet ko (im a rider thats why im used on wearing it on a daily basis) so ayun , sinuot ko sya ulit while driving Karyas hehe.
My daily task nung hindi pa ako pumapasok sa work. Morning and afternoon session, I never fail to walk.