Panning Shots din pag me time

Its been months since I’ve last used Fudgee (my Fuji S1800 camera) for some rigid photo activity. So when I heard that Yamaha Philippines will hold its MotoGP Race at the nearby Robinson’s Mall Novaliches. I have to make sure that I’m free of my schedules that day.

This kind of motorsport is the best when you want to practice “panning shots“, which is particularly one my favorite photography techniques. Albeit am a bit rusty, I was able to captured some couple of nice shots from the hundreds that I made during the event haha!

Enjoy the pictures.













Hooray! Another big event on the motorcycle world is about to happen this August. As the National Racing Association (NRA) is proud to introduce MOTOKHANA here in the country.

So what exactly is MOTOKHANA?

Its a multi-category, rider skills challenge wherein a competitor’s objective is to ride through a pre-designed course in the shortest time, and with as little error as possible.

So If you believe you’re a good a rider as you think you are, then MOTOKHANA is the event for you.

This latest activity from the National Racing Association (NRA) is set to make its debut on August 15, 2009 at the Liberty Center on Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

Here are the Competition Classes:

1. Solo (Scooter)
2. Solo (Underbone)
3. Solo (Small Bike)
4. Team

Entry fee is Php1,000 only.

For more details simply logon at or call the National Racing Association at tel. no. 725 3949, mobile no. (0917) 820 2391.

What’s great about it is that any rider can join, as long as he or she has a license to ride (Restriction 1) and has a currently registered motorcycle. And lastly, of course you definitely have the guts and the skills to nail it! Hmmm…C’yah there!!!

UPDATES: As of 14 August 2009

Due to unforeseen events, the maiden staging of the MOTOKHANA, scheduled on August 15, 2009, at the Liberty Center in Mandaluyong City, has been postponed to September 19, 2009.

Leading the Pack

After planning the ride for about two weeks,(going to Marilaque) a lot of the riders (my co-employees) shows interest in joining. Unfortunately when the day of the ride came, only half of them arrived at the meeting place. Those who didn’t make it excused themselves for some alibis. Anyway, the ride would definitely push through even without them.

We were then composed of 12 (luckily were not 13 lol) individuals, nine riders and 3 backriders (some are just newbies, and all of them have never been to Marilaque, except me). The funny thing is that I was the only one riding a scooter, and all of them have underbones.

We were supposed to be three scooter riders, and one of them would be my ride buddy Deo, who volunteered to be the spear or the sweeper for this ride. But wasn’t able to join us that day due to some important reasons.

Since I was the only one who have been to Marilaque (2x already – 1 day and 1 night ride) I was left with no choice but to be the spear and lead the pack. Deep inside I was excited because this will be my first time to be the spear and also nervous because I know that all of them would simply rely on me for the whole ride to be smooth sailing. (Not to mention that Geely – my ride is already 5 years old.)

So before we go, I gathered all the riders and explain to them some guidelines about the ride and the plan was from Tikling, we would go to Sierra Madre Hotel via Cogeo and then back to Cogeo again. “wala po sanang pasaway” (“I hope no one will be misbehaving“). Then I let them followed me in saying a rider’s prayer before we proceed with the ride.

And then off we go. We all have fun riding the twisties and stopping over at some scenic spots for some picture taking. I have to thank also the two underbone riders from the Wave 125 Club (sorry bout ur names, I honestly forget it, is it Blaster?) who accompany our group all the way to Pranjetto Hi Hotel (were we took our brunch). Afterwards, the group decided to take the road to Tanay going back to Tikling (therefore making a loop instead of the orginal itinerary).

So from our departure at 7:30am, all of us are in our own home safe and sound by 11:00am. Tired but obviously very happy because I knew I have served them well. Want proof? Two days later, I met them at the office, with big smiles on their faces, and in chorused they said “Let’s do it again?” I replied “Wow! Now all of you are ride addicts!” Together we all laughed! hahaha!

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