Dog Machine

dog machine

I was walking one day and I saw my neighbor she’s a huge girl and she’s having a hard time cleaning up his dog, I’m sure a little bit of diet pills would help her move more comfortably while washing her dog, but i didn’t advise her that because of diet pill side effects.

So while walking i began to think, with the technology nowadays I’m pretty sure that there’s something which could help her wash her dog. I stumbled upon a machine which i never thought existed today and was amazed :).

Or am I just too ignorant with what’s technology has been offering lately. Anyways it’s a dog washing machine, and as I have researched, it was reported in some news in western areas covering a footage where the shopkeeper washed the dog using the dog washing machine in Tokyo, Japan. While there are positive feedbacks about the machine, specially those who doesn’t wanna handle messy puppies, there are also negative feedbacks indicating that the puppies are getting traumatized etc. etc.. I guess, its not a good machine after all.