PnSers Reloaded (Wawa Revisited)


wawa pnsers 2013

History repeats itself as PnSers Camera Club once again steps on the soil of Rodriguez, Rizal to pose on the same landmark that we’ve stand more than two years ago or last October 16, 2010 to be exact.  I and 4 other Wawa veterans take a stroll down memory lane as we reminisced the first time we’ve been there. While the 8 other Indians (first timers in Wawa Dam) was astonished to view the great landscape and scenery’s the place has to offer. White rocks of different shapes and sizes,  falls coming from a cave, gushing water stream, caves and tunnels, and the awesome cottages standing on the rocks and on the water  made by the natives of Wawa.

Wawa Dam is really a haven for nature photography, or simply if one has to embrace Mother Nature.