Happy 7th Year websaytko.com

Ok this would be an impromptu as I definitely don’t have a prepared speech haha! Time flies really fast, 7 year old na pala today ang aking pinakamamahal na blog, ang websaytko.com – raredog’s chronicle!

This blog goes up and down and even sideways as far as SEO, SERP, UV and hits are concerned, but it really don’t matter to me (awww cmon!!!!) haha! As long as I continue making good infotainment to anyone visiting my humble blog and picking up something and most important – making them smile from time to time 😀

Hoping to have more advertisers continue posting photos, articles,  and jokes  for the longest time!!! C’yah!!!  ^_^

5th Anniversary of Websaytko.com

websaytko.com 5th anniversary
Sopas for the 5th anniversary of websaytko.com

So What’s special about May 1? Besides being a holiday (Labor Day). You don’t have any idea? Well, I do. 😀

Its only the the 5th year that I’ve been blogging and the 5th anniversary of websaytko.com in the blogosphere. Yun lang naman haha! Isn’t that something to brag about!

Ang bilis ng panahon, parang kailan lang nang umpisahan kong mag-blog at itayo itong personal blog of mine, limang taon na pala ang lumipas. Yipee!!! 5 years old na!! Parang alak lang hehe.

I’ve prepared a special sopas today to commemorate this occasion. It’s actually my first time to cook sopas, ok naman daw ang lasa at timpla sabi ng mga maswerteng nakatikim haha! Success kumbaga!

I like to thank God for the continous propagation of websaytko.com, and for giving me the talent to blog. Sana tumagal pa ng maraming taon na ako’y makapag-blog at makapag-post sa websaytko.

Thanks to all my readers (parang meron haha!) Thanks to my hosting company, and thanks to my families (yes plural po talaga) who continue to inspire me to blog (para me additional income daw haha!)

Please continue visiting and reading my blog, parang awa nyo na!!! 😆

bloopers at The Mansion

This was our first location shooting of SAW News, right infront of The Mansion, Baguio City. The shooting was so hilarious! It’s because Josephine was so tense seeing people around looking at us, and besides it was her first time doing something like this, hahaha! (my persuasion works).

His nephew “Aji” even plays his flute infront of her (watta distraction hahaha!!! you’ll definitely hear the annoying sound of it on the video!).

Bloopers sequence

1. “tsk tsk tsk” (she actually says it, hahaha!)
2. “funny fright feeling” (she says it again, instead of acting it, hahahaha!)
3. and lastly when she reads her name on the script (hehehe!)
watch the video