Panning Shots din pag me time

Its been months since I’ve last used Fudgee (my Fuji S1800 camera) for some rigid photo activity. So when I heard that Yamaha Philippines will hold its MotoGP Race at the nearby Robinson’s Mall Novaliches. I have to make sure that I’m free of my schedules that day.

This kind of motorsport is the best when you want to practice “panning shots“, which is particularly one my favorite photography techniques. Albeit am a bit rusty, I was able to captured some couple of nice shots from the hundreds that I made during the event haha!

Enjoy the pictures.











Snake makes an opening salvo

The snake makes an opening salvo to me for Year 2013 as it appeared before me this morning in the form of a wasted Yamaha Mio scooter v-belt haha!

take a closer look, it even looks like it has a tongue haha!

 It really was included on my hectic schedule last month to be replaced (the v-belt) but due to numerous gigs and happenings I forgot all about it until it snapped while cruising on my first day of work for the new year. The accelerator just went pffft as I was getting some neck to neck speed over a Honda CB110, good thing I wasn’t on a two-way lane and overtaking any vehicles when it happened or else its a disaster alright!

Lucky for me that I’ve catched-up with my friend Eric who’s about to go to his office and towed me to the nearest Yamaha 3S Shop. Notice also how I made this shot, I bravely pulled-out my phone and shoot this one-handedly haha! Luv the adrenalin!

The mechanic was able to finish the replacement in less than an hour. Thanks Kuya, but I am still late for work haha!   
I can see the head of the snake making it out of the side block of my scooter haha!
the snake or my v-belt, tangled and wasted

So to all scooter owners like me, be sure to periodically check your v-belt so you won’t be experiencing this scenario. Its a waste of time and dangerous at the same time. 😀


Manaoag Ride II

manaoag ride II

Once we set our bikes at the parking area, we took turns on going inside the church to pray and meditate. Its because we brought lots of things kaya hindi pedeng iwan, kaya pinauna ko na yung mag-partner. After 15 minutes they were back. Its my turn naman. I lit up 3 candles at the candle areas, line-up in the confession, and took some photos before I leave. (all in all I spend almost an hour din cguro hehe)

Walandyo, paglabas ko wala na yung mga kasama ko. Nag-txt na pala (sa celphone kong naka-silent hehe) at sabi ay sumunod na lang ako sa hotel (though they told naman the guard about my things before they left it).

Wow Hotel! Yessss! I hopped on my Mio and rode for about 5 minutes before I reached Star of David Hotel. Its a modern design 4 story Hotel near the church. Not that big, but its the coziest place around (i think so) and besides, they got WiFi hehe.

Our night time were not so jubilant, after dinner at Mang Inasal, we bought eight beer-in-cans at 7-11 and sneaked it inside the hotel. The problem is Sergs was not feeling well, after gulping half of his first beer-in-can, he got an upset stomach. The second problem was that
he goes inside their room and bade me goodnight! Bottomline, I got all the beers and the pulutans (Sisig na Bangus and pistachio nuts) all in my room. (Im solo in my room, haven’t I told you that?!).

What else to do? (the tv has no cable channels, kamusta naman yun!) So no choice, but to drink and surf the net. I’m just lucky I got a decent signal since my room was at the 2nd floor, and the wi-fi router were located at the looby of the hotel. Cguro, I’ve finished 5 in cans before calling it a night hehe.

The next day, we were discussing if we’ll take the loop instead of the the usual route we take. (The loop – via Lingayen, Dagupan, Zambales, Olangapao road) Its not in the original plan, so pinili na lang namin yung dating dinaanan namin (Urdaneta, Tarlac, Apalit, Bulacan road) kase iniisip namin baka maligaw kami or hindi namin kayanin sa sobrang layo at init ng panahon. Its about 9am na rin kase when we take-off at Manaoag.

On our way home, the ride was a bit faster now. I can’t believe it, but Sergs says the highest speed we made during some stretch was 115kph. OMG!

Para nag 2nd break-in ng motor ko, first time ko syang naamoy sunog na langis ng pinilit kong i-overtake yung Honda Wave 125 (success naman hehe).

We’ve reached Monumento at around 2pm. I thank God we all got home safety from our ride. All I can say, its a GOOD RIDE and a GOOD FRIDAY after all.

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