MCPF – Seaoil Event

Got the chance to attend the MCPF-SEAOIL event last Sunday at the Silver City Auto Mall in Pasig. Although a bit late, I still managed to take a peek on what’s in store for the riders at the venue.

There’s a group of female dancing in front when I arrived. I was told that they were an all-girl motorcycle club. Whew! They are all talented, sexy, and fearless. I really admired girl riders.

I was hoping I could still grabbed a free jersey or a loot bag, but sadly there’s no more! waahhh! My eyes just feasted on the display of awesome chopper bikes made by Hardcore Brothers and also to the sexy chic model from the booth of Yamaha.

One thing I like best about motorshows are these lovely models, they are really very attractive. You’ll notice every male in theĀ area has this unusual grin on their faces, specially me. lol