The Accidental Tourist

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I really don’t intend to go away for long, it just happened that I brought again for the nth time this travelling bag (3 weeks ago Malvar, Batangas, 2 weeks ago Baguio, and this time)  on our Christmas party at the Crowne Plaza Manila because I need to bring lots of stuff (my Tony Stark outfit, my lappie, and my GoPro cam and gears).

I just joked that I would love to stay for the night after the party and savor the coziness of a five-star hotel. Not knowing our organizer had billeted at the adjacent Holiday Inn for the purpose of relaxing and making it a dressing room.

Whaddyah know! They leave me the key to the room, and rest was history! :D


Good Deed Prevails

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Touchdown at Cubao at around 11pm tonight – December 11, 2014

Departed at around 5pm in Baguio City after attending a 4-day seminar in Teachers Camp for the 8th Congress of DepEd National Employees’ Union.

We got on board a bus that was about to leave in a few minutes, so hindi na kami nakabili ng ticket ng kasama ko, we know naman that we can also pay inside the bus.

So a few minutes after the bus started to roll-out the terminal, the not-so-old and mild-mannered conductor approached our seats and the usual scenario inside a provincial bus yung lalapit sa iyo yung conductor at tatanungin ka kung saan ka bababa, then he would issue a ticket. So ayun sabi namin “Sa Cubao po dalawa”. Then he issue us tickets, tapos the usual thing kapag long ride, we sleep.

We woke up sa stopover at Sison, Pangasinan. Baba sandali para mag jingle tapos eat our baon snacks. Tapos nood movie onboard tapos sleep ulit. Hindi pa din kami siningil ni manong.

After a few hours, stopover ulit sa Tarlac City naman, still walang singilang naganap. Mejo taka na kami that moment kase mejo malayo na din nalakbay namin. We just think na baka tulog kami pag dumadaan si manong sa isle kaya nahihiya lang sya manggising hehe. So ayun, malayo pa so sleep ulit.

Yun na, umabot na yung trip sa Pampanga, Meycuayan, then Valenzuela. Nung andun na kami sa me Balintawak, bumagal ang travel dahil sa trapik. Me and my companion contemplate on what’s happening. Normal lang siempre yung maisip mo yung evil idea na “eh si manong me kasalanan, nde nya tayo siningil eh, so atin na itong pera”, pero andun din naman yung good deed na “magbayad na tayo kase kawawa naman si manong at for sure aabonohan nya yung bus fare natin”. After all its a big amount.

So to cut it short, we prepare our bags and we ready the money as we approach our destination. He again approached us and told us “sir Cubao na po”, nagulat na lang sya ng inabot ko yung pera sa kanya. His initial reaction was nagulat sya thinking it was a tip for him, kase para pa siyang hesitant kunin yung pera. Pero mas lalo siyang nagulat ng sabihin kong “Manong bayad po namin yan, nakalimutan nyo po kaming singilin”. :D

He then smiled to us and say “Naku salamat po kung hindi mag-aabono ako”. He went down the bus with us to help us get our remaining bags at the bus compartment and he say “maraming maraming salamat po talaga sa inyo” which I replied “wala pong anuman manong, sa muli po magkikita pa naman siguro tayo”.

And so the good deed prevails at ang sarap ng feeling! :D

Finally got my GoPro!

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I'm gonna name her Yani

I’m gonna name her Yani

Finally got my GoPro!

It’s a used but never abused Hero3 BE! Watdahek, its only 1 digit away from the latest model Hero4 haha! And besides its already 12mp, has WiFi and Protune capable ( tsaka na ako mag-upgrade if the need arises or if the budget permits lol! I’m gonna name her “Yani” short for Bayani hehe.  You dig my point? We’ll if you don’t that’s your problem haha!

A short story from the photo above. My GoPro unit was bought at Ebay by my friend in New York and he just arrived yesterday and surrender it to me lol, while the Chesty or chest mount came all the way from Dubai which was bought and brought by my kumpare for me as pasalubong, and lastly the Sandisk Extreme Plus Micro SD that came from Chicago is a Christmas present from a special friend. Yahoooo! Got them all yesterday haha!

I hope our bonding would be fruitful and exciting as it is an Action Cam and I am a man of action lol! :lol:

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