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cutting people


life is too short


im a very patient person

MFest at Clark International Speedway

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Any one can drive a fast car, few can drive a car fast.

Nasty but true! That’s the tag line used at the MFEST Philippines event held last Saturday April 12, 2014 at Clark International Speedway in Angeles, Pampanga.


How I’d wish I’m one of the participants, I bet I can nail 7 secs at the drag race haha! (in my dreams) Well, not bad, as I preferred to be one of those stoked spectators who spend the day watching drag race after drag race after drag race (every 5 minutes, whew!), by the way, there’s also some drifting happening adjacent to the drag strip, and anybody can view the whole action from the 3rd floor of the CIS building.


The first 8 sec. in the Philippines – Nissan GTR

The distinct scent of burned rubber and roaring engines dominates the whole place, plus the cool cars (BMW, Porsche, Corvette, Hot Rods, muscle cars, etc..) and of course cute babes coming from all directions! I then found myself literally having selfiesta all over the place haha!

and of course, save the best for lust este last pala :lol:



1. a person having a great time making selfies after selfies after selfies


Bonus Feature – a short clip from the Clark International Speedway

Bonkers Unsafe Mobile Photography (BUMP)

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I wonder what will I call this new found photography style of mine using mobile phones. Its kinda extreme, so I’m not suggesting anyone to try it okay? But If you can’t resist, DO IT AT ON YOUR OWN RISK!


This is where it all started. My scooter was being towed after its belt drive snapped. We are travelling around 20-30KPH when I decided to bring out my mobile phone and took this shot haha!


one of those moment when I was stuck on a slow moving traffic with a cool subject in front of me, a top, bottom, front, and rear view of a Montero


So what’s so extreme about it?

Well its just simple, the whole procedure takes place in the streets. While driving my scooter and found an interesting SUBJECT in front of me , I’ll then reached for my mobile phone in my jacket using my left hand, open the camera app, focus on the subject, then click the shutter button, and that’s it!


as you can see this was the nasty shot I made hehe, my scooter was almost in contact with their fender, the difficulty of this shot was if I bump into them haha!


The only bad news about this photography technique is

1. There’s no second chance on shooting your subject (unless you follow it)

2. When you lose grip on your mobile phone and drop it (and worst, run over it haha!)

3. And lastly, if you got involved in an accident.


this was the fastest I’ve made so far, as I hurriedly throttle my gas just to get near my subject (Unrichtable Star hehe). I’m glad I’ve perfected the focus for this one shot


So I’m saying this again. This is a critical and dangerous mobile photography technique, so don’t do this unless your pretty damn sure of what’s the risk your getting into.

By the way, after finishing this blog, I’ve thought I called this technique BUMP, short for Bonkers Unsafe Mobile Photography :lol:


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