Trike Drifting in Sampaloc Tanay Rizal

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Pinoy Drift Trikes in Sampaloc Tanay Rizal

Pinoy Drift Trikes in Sampaloc Tanay Rizal

Pinoy Drift Trikes crew and myself recently had our fix for adrenalin rush as we conquered some of the awesome downhill spots in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal which was made possible and in collaboration with Riders in Mountain Motorcycle Club (RIM MC Inc.) headed by its energetic Chairman and CEO Mr. Zcherchan Gragasin.

The last time we drift was about two months ago pa, kaya naman ng na-set yung sked na ito hindi na namin pinalampas! We arrive a bit late sa meeting with RIM MC na naka-set sana ng breakfast eh naging brunch na haha! We ate at Kape Katerina, the food was fantastic and our hostess Ms. Mae was fabulous! Don’t miss this place while in Sampaloc and sip hot bulalo soup while looking at the amazing Sierra Madre mountains infront of you.

Plans are being made to brand Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal as a place and haven for all “GRAVITY SPORTS” enthusiasts. They have all the amenities here (hotels and resto, you could even pitch tent) that can accomodate everyone. Tapos they will give security and medical assistance pa once you coordinated with them.

Because were late na ng dumating, mejo limited lang yung laro namin, but we all definitely have a blast and talk about doing this again….and again….and again hahaha!

Many thanks to RIM MC Inc., Mr. Arwin E. Gragasin, Bos John Floyd (for introducing PDT, for being our hatak king and to all your effort on this trip), to the PDT Crew (nice to see and drift with all of you again, most specially to my extreme and pasaway son Sean Kirk, alalay lang sa curb hehe), to God (for a wonderful weather and for keeping us all safe until we reach our cribs),  and to Ms. Mae “helmet na lang po wag na sticker arborin ko”   :lol:

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I won a raffle at Drift Trike Monthly

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coffee mug

Well whaddyaknow! MIDI drumroll please….TADA! I just won a raffle! :D

I recently joined a charity raffle at Drift Trike Monthly hosted by the fabulous and energetic drift triker Chris Ruger. A ticket cost a dollar and you can imagine how lucky I am coz I only bought one, while others bought more, like $5, $10, $20…

I missed the first time Chris posted a video while drawing the winners on his FB page, that he had to post a shout for someone to poke me and told about my winning haha! I think 2 or 3 days passed before I knew about it.

Oh I forgot to mentioned what I’ve won haha! Just watch the video HERE!

New Version of CALABARZON March

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Dito sa Timog Katagalugan
Sumibol ang bagong pangalan
Ang kaunlaran kay bilis at masagana
Lahat kami’y may pagkakaisa
Sa mithiin ay sama-sama
CALABARZON… habang panahon!

BATANGAS, QUEZON, at mga lungsod pa

Hey! Hey!

Mga kawani ay tanging-tangi
Maglingkod ay laging gawi
Kaylan pa man, sa Diyos ang aming lahi
Kabataan ay paunlarin
Ito ay unang layunin
Mabuhay ang CALABARZON!
CALABARZON… habang panahon

Arranged and Composed by:


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