at the Pismo 2nd Anniversary

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I got invites coz I’m one of the 20 aspiring finalists that was hoping to bring home a brand new GoPro. Konti lang yata baon kong swerte last night, kaya sa raffle lang ako nanalo, I got a Pismo personalized USB flash drive and a gift check worth P500 as consolation prize! Not bad at all haha! I enjoyed the evening na lang eating their food and chit-chatting with my co-finalists Sarah, Brylle and Marga haha!

To all the staff at Pismo Shangrila Mall, maraming salamat po and have more anniversaries to come!!! :D

My GoPro video is one of the finalist at Pismo Adventure Contest

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GoPro/Pismo Adventure Video ContestThe poster tells it all! My GoPro video was included in the Top 20 entries! Yahoooo!!!

Thank you to all who entered our GoPro X Pismo Adventure Contest! After much deliberation, we narrowed the entries down to our top 20 picks, basing our decisions not only on videography skills but on a certain unique factor.

Here is our TOP 20! Kindly PM us your contact number within 24hrs for confirmation. We will also be sending our exclusive invitation for the cocktail and awarding on June 28.

You see!!! Ahemmm ahemmm haha! :D Wish me luck to be one of the Top 3 that would bring home a brand new GoPro camera this coming June 28! Aja!!! Aja!!!

And without further ado, here’s my entry. Enjoy watching!




Buhay Drifter (eat – sleep – drift)

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Nothing beats our drifting getaway last weekend in Mariveles, Bataan. Together with the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew we bond for hours! Also meet new acquaintances! new found places and lotsa food trippin! And of course last but not the least, we had so much fun drifting over the fastĀ hill at FAB in Mariveles, Bataan.

We had quite a number of drops, considering we started late in the afternoon due to the scorching heat. Good thing I was one of the boys that drop the night before, at least mas nakarami ng drop hehe.

The Bataan Drop Zone is almost 2 kilometers. Starting from PUP and ends on FAB gate at Visayas Ave. The whole ride and drift took us around 3 minutes with top speed reaching 80km/hr at its most!

Bataan Drop Zone

Bataan Drop Zone

You could imagine the adrenaline rush pumping through our veins, the sound of our pvc wheels on the street makes me wanna use the best noise isolating headphones to relax my eardrums lol!

WATCH BELOW OUR VIDEO – Buhay Drifter (Eat – Sleep – Drift)

It was our third time to drift there, sarap kasing balik-balikan ng lugar. Not only the fast and smooth downhill it offers but siempre the cool place and nice people around. :D

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