Pinoy Drift Trikes shooting day for GMA 7 I-Juander

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Everyone at the set was stoked!

Bcuz a few days from now and Pinoy Drift Trikes will again be seen ON AIR, and this time its on GMA7 I-Juander,  hosted by the comic and witty “Bogart the Explorer”

The whole shoot happened in Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal where  we were treated with a delicious breakfast at Paseo Rizal (a cozy place where you find lots of antiques and ornaments) together with newfound friends,  and a cool weather to start the day, just perfect  to go trike drifting! Good thing our friend and partner Sir Arwin Gragasin together with his Sampaloc, Tanay based group RIM MC assisted us during the whole activity at their awesome place.

At Paseo Rizal Restaurant in Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal

The PDT crew enjoyed every moment of the shoot, most especially Bogart himself as he was tasked to try it for I-Juander story, he easily adapt the sport. On his second drop on Sampaloc, Tanay hills he was actually on high speed and was literally drifting haha! I swerved near his trike and we high-five! Cool!


Photo Courtesy of Bogart the Explorer from Davao City FB Page

He’s actually looking forward to do this again and was also having thoughts on having his own drift trike! Nice jammin with you sir Bogart!

groupSee yah on our next drop! :D

After the shoot we were then treated for a spectacular lunch at Café Katherina (a place with a nice overlooking view of Sierra Madre and Laguna De Bay), hosted by the lovely Cath herself, the Steaming Bulalo and Crispy Bagnet were superb that I can’t resist to have an extra rice haha! (pass muna diet hehe).

We stayed there for awhile, have some groupies and selfies with the GMA7 crew, then headed home safe and sound. :D


Tambay saglit sa KapitolYo! Before going separate ways. :D

To God be the Glory!

Pikots 117

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don't waste another day

surround yourself with people

the differences between a boss and a leader

lady finger for diabetes

pag nagising ka sa umaga

in life you will realize

DepEd Rizal Celebrates World Teachers Day

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It was a bright day in Marikina, just in time for the celebration for the brightest profession in the world, a Teacher!

DepEd Division of Rizal celebrated World Teachers’ Day last October 3 at the Marikina Sports Center, a brainchild of the gorgeous and workaholic Happy Che De Mesa and of course with full support of the debonaire Sir Rommel Bautista and the Divison. The event was successfully attended by thousands of teachers and I’m so happy to be part of it! :D

raredog in action

Here I am in action. Whoever took this photo, thanks so much!


Half of the Documentation Committee

I’m part of the documentation committee that covered the event from start to finish. Actually I’ve done lots of photowalks before that run 3 to 4 hours xtralight contact and felt super exhausted after, but this time I really don’t know how I manage to shoot all day despite the hot weather condition and still feel lots of energy at the end of the day. Well, maybe because the teachers are always ready for their wonderful smiles whenever I focus the camera on them that boost my energy “nakakawala ba ng pagod”! You can feel everyone’s happiness and its contagious haha!

Its also an honor for me to be one of the judges for the Blogging contest which is part of the special contest for the blogging teachers of Rizal. The entries are all fervent and impressive! Mejo pinasakit din ulo ko at nag-nose bleed kakabasa hehe.


Habang nagpapatila ng ulan, isang scripted pose ang naganap, tumanggap daw ako ng award for being the “Darling of the Crowd:lol:IMG_61234724270988

Let’s do this again and Happy World Teachers’ Day sa lahat ng guro especially sa mga naging guro ko!  :D

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