Night Camp and Trike Drifting in MARILAQUE

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camping in tanay rizal

Sean Kirk has been asking me to go on camping for a number of times already. He said he wants to experience firsthand how to pitch tent and sleep under the moonlight. He’s wish was granted and it even came with a bonus! Not only we went on camping, but we also did what we like best, trike drifting! Last week together with the Pinoy Drift Trikes crew in Tanay, Rizal whoa!!! It was a blast!

sean kirk and raredad


Its chilly that night and we’re about to sleep tight and curl inside our tents to be ready for a whole drifting day ahead, but the URGED and THRILL to hit the road and drift was on everyone’s face. Not to mention that most of us anticipated it, that’s why every drift trike has somehow has a light on it haha!

drifter sleeps with his drift trikes inside his tent
It’s one helluvah ride! Everyone was stoked! Not one of us expect the slope would brought us down to almost 4km ride.

Sierra Madre MARILAQUE

It’s just sad that because of pitch black darkness, only a short clip was salvaged from the GoPro of Tha PhatBuddha. Hence,  it’ll be our longest and most memorable ride as of this post! Can’t wait to do it again! :D



Injured Grasshopper

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I found a big grasshopper yesterday at the office and tried to capture it. To my amaze, it didn’t bother to fly away. I found out it was injured when I hold it in my hand. Its femur or the big legs at her back was missing. She won’t be able to leap without it. But her wings is still intact. After the short video, I went outside and place her on top of a plant. She posed for awhile for me to be able to capture her beauty before she flew again to her freedom.


Here are some of my grasshopper shots in the past.


my best macro so far


Pinoy Drift Trikes Camp Out Night in Tanay

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Yahoooo! Pinoy Drift Trikes will once again travel to Tanay, Rizal this weekend, and this time we’ll be having a camp out night! We will be staying exclusively at a rest house situated 2500ft above sea level with panoramic view of Manila and Sierra Madre range. Since our ETA will be at around 1600H, we prolly setup our trikes and quick check the slopes, then set up tent and light up bonfire at night while having gummy bears haha!

This is the rest house.


our official cabin

our official cabin

As you can see it was styled to look like a cabin just like in a Western village, cool! And yes its also literally cool out there haha!

our official gazebo

our official gazebo

This gazebo was just perfect, what more if has a designer burlap tablecloths where we can enjoy a bottle or two while having a mini conference and enjoying the fresh air. :D

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